Who Invented Leggings?, "Leggings Invented By Who?"

Who Invented Leggings Anyway?

Ok, so a lot of people think leggings came from the invention of panty hose, invented in 1959 by Allen Gant Senior. Not so fast, Chic. Apparently those muscle bound men running around in kilts in Scotland are our saviors.

Back In The Day

The 14th Century seems to be the time the Europeans decided it was a good idea to cover their legs. Wow, just had an image of “Robin Hood, Men In Tights”. Stay with me here. So, leggings were invented by men for men. Who would have thought such a thing.

Worn Globally For Centuries, leggings went undercover with the invention of trousers and were mainly used for warmth as undergarments. Leggings remained in the realm of protective or underclothing for about another century. 

The Groovy Time

“Fashion” leggings as we call them today originated in the 1960’s. DuPont created the very first lycra leggings in 1959, and others soon followed suit. These modern versions were tighter, and moved away from a male garment into more feminine territory. Thus, the marketing to women began.

When The Glory Came

The glory period for leggings were the late 70s early 80s. The movie “Grease” in the late 70s, starring Olivia Newton John who wore black skin tight  leggings and heels set the fashion industry on its head. Followed up with the song, “Let’s Get Physical”. Let us not forget Jane Fonda, actor, activist, aerobic slave master.

Lucky Star

The 80s spawned a fitness craze. People were now more than ever concerned about the way they looked. Aerobics were the rage and a gym membership was a must. The demand for active wear and Madonna was soaring. (Madonna 1985)

By the early 90s, leggings were actually outselling jeans in many parts of the United States, but a backlash of sorts occurred in the mid-late ’90s regarding the clothing item. They fell out of fashion as flare and bootcut pants gained popularity. But by 2005, they came back with a vengeance.

 As fitness and comfort have become the norm, the demand for athleisure is still climbing. Today leggings come in a variety of styles, fabrics and prices. For example, leather (faux leather or leather print) bottoms are very chic right now. Also known as club leggings, these sexy bottoms allow a girl comfort and style while she’s on the dance floor or sipping her favorite bubbly.

So, there you have it, gal! As long as we demand comfort and style, designers continue to create new looks and the ladies continue to wear them. Check out our collection of athleisure here Click


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