For The Love Of Leggings!

For The Love Of Leggings What's The Big Dealio ?

Leggings and Yoga Pants have become a staple in most women's wardrobes but why? Well, for many reasons, like the most common is they are comfortable and easy to wear. You can bend, stretch, squat, and sit comfortably.

Because the fabrics used to make leggings and yoga pants are stretchy, sizing is much easier. It's every woman's nightmare to be in between sizes or have a difficult to fit shape, such as small waist and full hips.

Most leggings and yoga pants are made of a polyester/spandex blend. The higher the percentage of spandex the more support and contouring you can expect. So if you are looking for comfort go for a lower percentage such as 8 to 12 percent. If you want everything held in place you will want a higher percentage.

With all the colors, fabrics and styles leggings and yoga pants come in a girl can't go wrong. Try a search on for leggings or yoga pants and you will be overwhelmed with all the options available.

Leggings and Yoga Pants are not just for exercise people. You can wear them for a casual look or a dressier look depending on your choice of top and shoes. For Fall and Winter many women sport a soft over sized sweater and ankle boots. For a more sophisticated look try a flowing blouse or tunic and heels.

With all that said, all leggings are not created equal. Many leggings sold today are made in China in Chinese sizes. Pay close attention to sizing charts and measurements or you may be disappointed. You may want to check out leggings @ .

Women need options and leggings and yoga pants are a great one. Geez, there are even groups built around leggings and yoga pants. Don't believe me? Do a search in groups on

The consensus is leggings and yoga pants are here to stay. For the love of leggings that's the dealio!


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